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The following permit applications have moved to the new Boston Permits & Licenses portal:

  • Application for Alteration, Installation, Maintain Fire Extinguishing System (Sprinkler)
  • Construction Fire Safety
  • Installation or Alteration Application (Fire Alarm)

All new permit applications for these three types must be accessed via Boston Permits & Licenses. Existing permit applications for these three types may continue to be managed prior to issuance here on Dynamic Portal. Be aware that eventually all BFD online permit applications will be moved to the new Boston Permits & Licenses portal. Learn more...

You may continue to use Dynamic Portal to apply for Place of Assembly, Temporary Place of Assembly, Tent with Assembly, and Self-Service Fuel permits at this time. If you are submitting plans with your Temporary Place of Assembly or Tent with Assembly application(s), you must bring them to the BFD counter at 1010 Mass Ave (4th floor). If you are having problems with this site or have questions about the application process, please call 617-343-3628 between the business hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm and you will be directed to the correct BFD customer service representative.

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